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5 Questions… The Info Podcast


Well I have all the toys now and there is no reason not to podcast. The biggest hurdle was finding a topic that I would enjoy covering and others would like to listen to. I posed the question to myself and came up with “5 Questions.” I will be interviewing experts of different fields and asking them five questions about their speciality and then bringing that nugget of info to you the listener. Most will have to do with Marketing, Brand Management, Design, New Media, and the like, but other topics might slip in like music, art, sports, etc… I look forward to this making a debut on the airwaves of iPods over the next couple of week. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or request let me know!


Do you ever leave the house?

With technology today unless you are in retail do you ever have to leave the house? VOIP, email, social networks, virtual meetings, conference calls, blogs, podcast, instant messaging, etc…Why do you need an office?The internet has done an excellent job of allowing me to purchase less and less “work” clothes each year. The problem I see is are you still just as motivated?Sometimes going to work is just what it needs to be….going 

New Media/ Old Media?

Can new media just be old media wrapped different?There is a lot of talk about new media and how businesses need to look at online and new ideas to promote there business or service.What will this do to “the ad agency?”It is funny you can ask an expert and they will charge you a large sum of cash and basiclly show you how to market yourself for free. Or you can get online play around and do it yourself.Seems to me college kids who “play” on myspace or facebook may be a good investment for a growing company.