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What do you mean you need my email address?

Why do retail stores now think they have a right to your contact info? I know they are building a list to market to and to know who purchases their items, but I have a problem with a couple of retailers that want my phone number and email each time a purchase something from them. They have an item I want I have cash, should be an easy exchange but no they want all my info as well. I ran in to the mall yesterday to purchase some hand soap from my grandmother from a store I don’t ever enter. So they want my email…. when in reality all that will happen is they will send me a e-newsletter and I will unsubscribe…. let’s just shorten the process and tell me why you want my email and I can decide if I want to give it to you… I don’t have a problem that they want my info but at least tell me why and let me decide.