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What is a Career?

What is a career? Is it the string of jobs you have till you retire?I think it is important to remember what is important in your life. Sometimes that is your job but as I look at what I do it is so I can provide for my family. Sometimes I get caught thinking more money will help me with providing for my family. This is true to a point, but maybe time is the better investment. Maybe instead of working at an office building with a long commute maybe I take less money and work close to home with a better quality of life?Maybe I ask my wife if there is something she would like for me to spend more time on, or see if there is a way for me to give more and make less…Maybe I should sell all our “stuff” and start over? Imagine the decisions you can make if you don’t have to worry about what to do with all your “stuff”  


iPhone Stand? Why did I not think of this?

How cool is this. I can keep my iPhone on it’s side and view it while at my desk! Check it out at: cool and handy! If you have one let me know your thoughts. 

Do you ever leave the house?

With technology today unless you are in retail do you ever have to leave the house? VOIP, email, social networks, virtual meetings, conference calls, blogs, podcast, instant messaging, etc…Why do you need an office?The internet has done an excellent job of allowing me to purchase less and less “work” clothes each year. The problem I see is are you still just as motivated?Sometimes going to work is just what it needs to be….going 

New Media/ Old Media?

Can new media just be old media wrapped different?There is a lot of talk about new media and how businesses need to look at online and new ideas to promote there business or service.What will this do to “the ad agency?”It is funny you can ask an expert and they will charge you a large sum of cash and basiclly show you how to market yourself for free. Or you can get online play around and do it yourself.Seems to me college kids who “play” on myspace or facebook may be a good investment for a growing company.  

What is this all about?

Well here I sit writing my first blog entry. I hope over time I can find a nitch to concentrate on but for now we will just call it “art.” So you never know what all will be mentioned here: painting, sculpting, marketing, design, brand development, and so on…

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas please feel free to give me a shout. I look forward to being in here every few days whenever I feel like I have some valuable info to pass on. I will also look at covering different hardware and software products I come in contact with.

Look forward to hearing feedback as time goes!